Kumpulan Contoh Teks Eksposisi Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Teks Eksposisi Bahasa Inggris – Di pertemuan pada artikel sebelumnya kita telah membahaskan mengenai Teks Eksposisi secara lengkap hanya untuk Anda. Kali ini yang akan kami ulaskan hanya terkhusus pembahasan teks eksposisi bahasa inggris atau biasa disebut juga analytical expotition text.

Mungkin struktur, ciri, syarat dan jenis teks eksposisi masih sama dengan eksposisi bahasa indonesia. Yang membedakan hanya aturan bahasanya saja. Karena bahasa inggris harus menggunakan grammar yang tepat sesuai aturan bahasa inggris.

Untuk itu bagi Anda pemula, bahkan baru pertama kali menulis teks eksposisi bahasa inggris. Berikut kumpulan contoh teks eksposisi bahasa inggris singkat sederhana jelas beserta struktur dan artinya.

Contoh Teks Eksposisi Bahasa Inggris dan Artinya

Islamic Boarding School 


Islamic boarding schools are buildings in which there is a special learning system. Even though there are general knowledge lessons like schools that are on the same level.


The Ulama argue that Islamic boarding schools can change the nature, character and personalities of santri to be more religious. Religious in thinking about the future and realistic world that is progressing.

On the other hand pesantren also includes dormitories that bring together a number of people who are different in terms of character, personal and place of origin and they try to become wholeness bound by the rope ukhuwah ismaliyah (Muslim brotherhood ties).


So Islamic boarding schools were established to form the character of students namely santri who were more religious who obeyed religion and state. In the learning system it is combined with the values ​​of unity and unity in order to continue the progress of Islam in the future as well.

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Contoh Teks Eksposisi Bahasa Inggris Singkat Sederhana

 Instant noodles are semi-heavy foods that contain simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates in instant noodles are just a type of carbohydrate which can only provide a temporary satiety effect in the stomach. The effect of temporary comfort will actually make the stomach feel more hungry afterwards, so that anyone who has eaten instant noodles will become hungry and triggered to eat a lot of food.

If you consume too much food, then your body will become fat and can even be easily attacked by various dangerous diseases. Therefore, eating instant noodles and white rice simultaneously must be avoided right now. Because, consuming both at the same time will not make your stomach full and healthy, but instead it will make us vulnerable to a number of diseases in the long run.

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Contoh Analytical Exposition Tentang Kesehatan

anlytical exposition example

Pada gambar diatas dijelaskan mengenai ‘Makanan Cepat Saji yang Tidak Sehat’. Disana dituliskan 3 paragraf dengan struktur tulisan penulisan berbeda. Pada paragraf awal berisi tentang tesis (rangkuman singkat tentang obyek pembahasan), paragraf kedua argumen (pendapat orang mengenai obyek) dan yang ketiga penegasan (kesimpulan dengan data valid).

Power Benefits of Water


Water has many benefits, including a system that loses after a day of activity. But there are some problems that are often ignored by humans, namely lazy to drink water.


Water is a mineral drink that is consumed by all living things, including humans. The function of white air when drunk by humans as a substance that is useful for launching the body, giving oxygen intake, regulating body temperature and cleaning the whole body.

In a day humans must drink at least 2 liters of white water or 8 glasses of white air. In order to build the body’s working system optimally and maintain a healthy body so that energy is reduced to normal.

Dehydration often occurs in many people. These things include body fluids that have thinned even to the point of being exhausted, which results in abnormal blood sugar levels.


It can be indicated that white air is very vital. There are still many who underestimate drinking 2 liters of white air a day. For that we must start from the people, so that people can do their lives by routinely drinking at least 8 glasses of white air a day.

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Contoh Teks Analytical Exposition Tentang Sampah

Thesis: Humans belong to productive beings andconsumptive, meaning that humans can produce and consume various types. Of all production and consumption activities, it certainly leaves a mark, that isgarbage. This garbage has a big impact on human life.

Argument: The government itself has made rules about problemsgarbage disposal in any place especially in the river because it canclogging the river running and has set sanctions for the peoplethe culprit. But on the other hand, the community remains indifferent to regulationsand still polluting the surrounding environment. Waste disposal habitsthis can be found anywhere, for example in public transportation, onschool, on the river, and even on the highway.

Discarding litter is certainly a big impacton the environment and on the community itself. According to Rahmat Fajar Lubis,researcher at the Lipi Geotechnology Research Center states that trash isdumped carelessly into the river, will cause the river to clog and causeflood when the rainy season arrives especially if the rainfall is high. Other than that,scattered waste which will become a nest of disease that candisrupting the health of the community itself.

Reaffirmation: We as humans have the highest degreeamong other living beings they should have awareness and responsibilityanswer from yourself to our environment. We must not throw awaylittering because it will have a negative impact on themselvesyourself and others. With a clean environment, then we tooof course it will feel more comfortable. This earth is where we live, we mustkeep it as good as possible so that our children and grandchildren can also enjoy beautyearth.

Contoh Teks Analitical Expotition Lingkungan Alam

contoh teks analytic expotition

Pada gambar diatas telah dijelaskan mengenai contoh struktur teks ekposisi dalam bahasa inggris. Pada paragraf awal berisi tentang penjelasan dan sifat umum dari obyek pembahasan.

Kemudian pada paragraf selanjutnya, berisi tentang argumen seseorang mengenai obyek pokok pembahasan. Disini Argumen bisa dituliskan beberapa argumen, tidak hanya satu. Agar dapat menjadi masukan dari inti pembahasan obyek.

Lalu di paragraf akhir harus dituliskan mengenai penegasan ulang yang berisi kesimpulan dari beberapa jabaran pada paragraf sebelumnya. Dan kesimpulan tersebut disampaikan oleh penulis itu sendiri maupun orang lain berdasarkan data lebih valid.

Forest as the Heart of the Earth 

All living things basically depend on the forest, are the main source of life as an ecosystem balance on earth. With the presence of forests, the air will be fresh. Livelihoods of living beings will be fulfilled. Forests can also be a deterrent to natural disasters including holding back landslides and floods.

However, it is highly appreciated that the principal of the livelihood of the earth has been destroyed by many people themselves. Selfishness that makes this nature broken. Forest damage includes the beginning of a reduction in the earth’s basic organs.

Evidenced by the number of individuals who do the burning of the forest to open land for private without prioritizing side effects in the future. Because of their actions smoke becomes pollution for the surrounding environment, then the source of landslide and flood protection has also been reduced.

Forests are the main staple of the earth’s livelihood, in the form of a heart for the earth. Like a pump which if there is a new wind will make the environment better. The development and maintenance are also awaiting the related environment around. The more selfish humanity the more forest will be lost from this earth.

Demikian tadi ulasan mengenai teks eksposisi yang dapat kami ulaskan untuk anda semua. Semoga bermanfaat dan terus belajar agar mencapai apa yang telah anda citakan. Kami akan selalu memberikan dukungan pembelajaran secara online lain di website ini. Salam damainesia.

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Terima kasih sudah belajar bareng disini. Jangan lupa pelajari juga teks eksposisi bahasa jawa dan teks eksposisi ilustrasi, agar anda bisa lebih paham mengenai materi bahasa.

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